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Wig Grip FAQs:

What makes these grips different?

The grips are made of super thin, breathable, and lightweight fabric. The adjustable translucent strap only goes halfway around the head- which allows for half the bulk and super lightweight. It has an adjustable translucent strap that can be made looser or tighter to your comfort and head size. This also allows for a perfect ear tuck without bumping your wig up.

What if that is too new and different for me?

No problem! When we found this super breathable and lightweight fabric for our wig grips we created it in the standard velcro grips and the stretchable elastic. Still the same quality thin, lightweight option that is comfortable and doesn't move. 

What makes these different than some of the other ones on the market?

We extended the lace so that the wig grip doesn’t need to be slid so far back. We didn’t love the ones that were already out there because the grip material on the sides kept showing through the wig at the sides through the lace. So we changed that! We also changed and added tiny cm size adjustments that make all the difference for a perfect ear tuck and a better grip hold. Every cm makes a difference.

I have a lace wig, will this grip work for me?

Yes, sure! Just make sure to choose the lace option when you choose your grip.

I have a regular wig, not a lace. Will this grip work for me?

Yes, sure! Just make sure to choose the original (non lace) option when you choose your grip.

How do I wear the wig grip?

When the grip is on your head, feel the top of the grip- it should feel rough when you slide your finger back. If it is smooth- it is on the wrong way and will actually pull your wig off!

To make it easier- we designed our grips so that the label should be facing up and on the right side of your head. But always double to check to make sure it feels rough.

Which one is the best grip?

It’s really a matter of personal preference? What is most important to you?

The Adjustable Translucent Strap is probably the most comfortable since the material is half the amount and only goes around half the head, leaving less bulk and material.

The Velcro does have more material all the way around, but that allows it to have a little bit more grip and traction, but that in itself is still more comfortable than most wig grips because of the thin and lightweight fabric.

The Stretchable Elastic is a kind of blend between the two, it does go all the way around, but gets thinner on the sides and back as well.

What if my head is big/small? Is it adjustable?

Yes!! All of our grips are size adjustable. With the adjustable translucent strap, slide the little “8” shaped metal piece up or down. Making more of the string doubled over will tighten it, while making more of the string single will loosen it. For the stretchable elastic, slide the piece down or up to size adjust. For the Velcro, simply close it to where it fits you best.

What is your return policy?

Due to hygienic purposes, unfortunately we do not accept any returns or exchanges.

What if my product arrives damaged?

No problem at all! Please reach out to us within 7 days from the arrival date with proof of damaged products and we will replace any damaged goods. 

Does the grip ever need to be replaced?

Yes. Over time and with use, the velvet material can lose its friction and will no longer work its best to keep the wig on your head. It is best to replace it once you feel it is starting to stop its job. 

Can I try on the grip before I buy?

Sure, you can come into our salon in Kew Gardens Hills Queens at any point to try on the grips and see which one works best for you?

I need the grip right now, do you have anywhere I can purchase from?

Sure! We have a pickup location in Queens at our salon, Lakewood, and great neck for now. Message the work number (718) 427-5597 and we will arrange one for pickup.

We also have a bunch of wholesale account that carry our grips as well:

Details to follow: