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About Us

What is Navah Rambod Wigs you ask? 

Right in the home of Queens, NY in the heart of Kew Gardens Hills is the salon you will enter and feel right at home, a salon dedicated to making wig disasters a thing of the past, and a salon that will help you get your wig done right the FIRST time around!

Oh and with happy laughs, chatter, smiling faces, and beautiful gorgeous hair. You’ll come in for gorgeous hair and leave with a whole lot more!

What is Navah known for?

Not just another wig stylist or sheitel macher, but a friend who is honest and will help you take your wig and hair dreams and visions and make them a reality. Honesty and integrity are synonymous with her brand. Education and transparency are the key to the game. Yes, you want to walk out with that gorgeous wig, but you also want to walk out happy with a great experience. Her vast knowledge and experience in the wig repair and wig construction business make all the difference to create those small nuances to make that wig looking good and transform it to looking great. It's always those small details that make all the difference.

Starting from the base of choosing the perfect wig, color, cut and style, the process couldn't be easier at the salon. A no stress, obligation free consultation Navah takes the time to get to know you, your preferences, and your style to give you different pros and cons of lacetop vs. lacefront vs. regular skintop wig and together make an educated decision on the best wig for you. Choosing a color that suits your face and skin tone, adjusting and coloring if need be, and deciding on a cut that suits your face shape are all taken care of. Best part is that all repairs are done in house. Yes, that includes lace fill-ins, baby hair, cap adjustments, ear tab removal, weft removal, lining the lace, tightening laces, debulking, etc…The wig doesn’t leave the salon until it leaves done on your head, gorgeous and ready to go. 

Since she was little Navah was always playing and working with her hands. Whether it was bringing home coloring pages to finish in kindergarten to painting canvases all throughout high school, Navah was always drawn to art and creating magic with her hands. Starting out as a young girl, she would spend her free time doing hair for neighbors bat mitzvah, play with her sister’s hair, and just forget about the line of friends she had waiting for her to do their hair in high school Shabbatons, yearbook pictures, or seminary Shabbosim. It was just a revolving door!

Back from seminary and starting Occupational Therapy school for college, hair just decided to become a hobby and a thing of the past. So how did Navah Rambod Wigs start?

Well that’s the funny thing- it was kind of a mistake and almost never happened. Her sister and friends decided to take a basic hairstyling course and convinced Navah to join them just for the fun of it with nothing in mind. The course got Navah itching to work with her hands again, but being a full-time college student there was not too much to do. Navah started doing wash and sets for a neighbor's wig here, a friend's wig there and slowly word started moving. Before she knew it, in between exams, rotations, and lab practicals she was styling wigs. Wig heads were here favorite study buddies at 2 AM study crash sessions.

Came OT graduation, and the demand for Navah’s services was just so high. And then it just happened... OT became the part time hobby and wigs and hairstyling came rushing through full force.

Natural talent needed to be coupled with intense education, and Navah sought out to take as many education and sophisticated technique classes by experts in the field to further her education. Armed with cutting techniques learned from a few basic cutting and advanced cutting courses taught by both international hairstylists as well as experienced stylists in the frum world, Navah’s cuts were starting to get a reputation for themselves. Her natural talent along with education of proper technique and cutting styles made the difference of so many wigs that had been sitting in the shelves come back to become the go to favorite.

Navah became known as a stylist that actually listened to your concerns, looked at problems, and helped find solutions. Many customers were walking in with their problem wigs that were just not working and Navah realized a niche in the market that needed fixing. She invested in learning the ins and outs of wig repairs and her honest reputation and quality work had her a waitlist at her door within a month. Quality work, a happy smile, a listening ear, and honesty brought people coming back and referring others. Repairs are a whole niche in itself and it takes an eye to look at a wig to see what can be done to save it and bring back some life. Just some of the things that were added to the salon services were lacework, lace fill-ins, wig surgeries, cap adjustments, debulking wigs, baby hair, lining laces, tightening laces, weft removal, converting wigs to falls and hatfalls, ripped caps, eartab removals, etc.

Navah is also the creator of “Get a Grip” wig bands. Complaints of never finding a good grip, caused Navah to create a grip of her own. After months of testing different fabrics, designs, shapes, and sizing, Navah created a grip that makes ALL the difference. A super thin, lightweight, breathable material that will make you forget that it is there, but a grip that holds the wig in place and does not budge. Order one and see the magic for yourself. 

Blessed with a team and the best staff, Navah's salon became the salon to come and hang out in. Always a salon teamed and ready to give you the best experience. Starting with awesome customer service and happy smiles greeting you when you enter the salon, to honest and transparent wig education, to stellar repair work, and gorgeous wash and sets. We got you covered from A-Z. Make an appointment and see what the hype is all about! But set aside some extra time as well, you may just want to hang around and shmooze ;)